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Becca is amazing! I had some horrible neck pain last week and she did some Neuro-Muscular Therapy on me and I have to say that evening/next day I felt so much better! No pain at all and was able to fully move my neck! Thank you Becca for helping me! I would recommend this lady any day :-).  –Sarah B, Gunnison CO

I have suffered from fibromyalgia for 40 years and had many massages.  Becca was successful in delivering pain relief unlike any therapy I have ever had.  I am still benefiting from her expertise a full month later.  She is uniquely skilled in her field and my only regret is that I cannot use her on a regular basis due to location. –Cindy M, Branchville NJ

I have utilized Becca’s Bodywork for my long term needs and also to help with muscle pains from extreme physical exertion. I have found that a massage after a workout helps relieve, if not eliminate muscle soreness the next day. Becca is very professional and does a good job, I have experienced the positive effects of her massage work, and it has helped improve my quality of life. I would highly recommend her services to anyone, you will be surprised at just how helpful a good massage can be, even if you don’t think you need it. –Tim B, Gunnison CO

The massage therapy I received at Becca’s Bodywork was focused on chronic neck pain. Through the years I have visited chiropractors, doctors and physical therapists. I had limited temporary relief but always the same answer – live with it. Becca used an assisted stretch technique and explained to me how to do it at home on my own; she applied resistance as I turned my head to allow opposing muscles to come “in balance” in three directions, up down, left right and rotating left right. I do this exercise every morning and can have pain free movement all day long. I can actually look up again without sharp pain. I would strongly recommend Becca’s Bodywork. — Dave M, Quincy IL

Thanks Becca for patching me up with your fabulously relaxing massage following my ski accident.  Your knowledge and expertise of massage was just what I needed.  I will be sure to send others you way. Regards — Jean Q, Gunnison CO