Welcome to Becca’s Bodywork

Welcome to Becca’s Bodywork, a personally owned massage and bodywork practice. The Gunnison, Colorado location for Becca’s Bodywork permanently closed in May 2014; Becca has relocated to Denver with plans to reopen her private practice in the future. If you are interested in receiving bodywork from her in the Denver area now, please check the Denver Locations of her current employments and availability.

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Becca is a skilled Licensed Massage Therapist who is passionate about her work and is respectful towards her clients’ individual goals. Whether it be to de-stress and re-center oneself, to relieve pain, to assist injury recovery, or simply to treat oneself, therapeutic massage can help facilitate mind-body wellness, and benefits are all-encompassing.

Contact Becca today to inquire about her services and to discuss how she may help you.      Thanks for stopping in. May today bring you peace, happiness, and ease of well-being.